Sparkling Wine Isn't Just for Special Occasions

Women enjoying sparkling wine

We all love a glass of bubbles on New Year's Eve, during the holidays, or to help toasts life's big events. But that's about it. Virtually everyone is guilty of relegating sparkling wines to these set occasions and the sad thing is we're all missing out. Sparkling wine, whether from France, Italy, Australia, or beyond, is one of the most versatile, super food-friendly wines and one of the few wines in the world that has potential to carry through an entire meal.

What Makes Bubbles So Food Friendly

When it comes to pairing, there are a few things that put sparkling wine a cut above all the other styles of wine we like to enjoy. Here are the reasons that bubbles are unbeatable with almost any dish.


Regardless of where it's made, across the board sparkling wine has mouthwatering high acidity which helps cleanse the palate after each sip – perfect for richer, creamy, or fatty dishes. The delightful, persistent bubbles in your glass also help to add another layer of texture, which is one of the reasons sparkling wines are such a great go-to wine for anything fried, crispy, or crunchy. It's brilliant with sausage rolls.


Many sparklings are the product of a blend of grape varieties. This gives them a very complete, rounded out profile. You have acid, body, minerality, the right amount of fruit and finesse...everything you could want in a quality wine is there. This is also handy for buying if you're keen to stock up your cellar. Sparkling wines are great candidates for ageing (especially vintage dated ones) but the ‘NV’ or non-vintage house styles are perfect for everyday drinking. You can safely have several bottles on hand and be confident that every bottle will taste just as good as the last.

Rose sparkling wineSweets

And as an added bonus, although you'll find most bubbly falls on the dry end of the spectrum, it is also made in sweeter styles, which makes for a fabulous partner with spicy dishes or lightly sweet desserts. Moscato d'Asti is a great option, or one of the sweeter styles of Prosecco.

Bubbles & Beef

We've established how well bubbles go with food. It's gorgeous with everything from fish and shellfish, poultry, game birds, and pork, prepared in any number of ways. But what about meat? You'll be surprised to know that you can serve bubbles with beef. Your best bet: go rosé. Rosé sparkling wines have a richer profile and a higher tannin level, which means it can hold its own against red meat. The best option here is a simple preparation like a terrific cut of filet mignon or Scotch fillet. Rosé bubbly is also fantastic with steak tartare. Whatever you do, make sure it isn't drowned in sauce.

The best part? Today there are so many regions across the globe producing top quality bubbles, you can find excellent sparkling wine to fit every budget. You can pop open a bottle of Champagnesque wine on something more akin to a beer budget!


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